Our Alumni

Class of 2017

Amanda Ng
Copy Editor: 2014-2015
Managing Editor: 2015-2016
Editor-In-Chief: 2016-2017
Major: Psychology
Minor: English
Hometown: Poughkeepsie, NY
My name is Amanda and I joined SBYIR as a copy editor during my freshman year at Stony Brook, back when it was still getting off the ground. I was originally drawn to SBYIR because of how it could successfully combine two of my interests, science and writing, and I stayed because I was struck by the importance of science journalism. To further my SBYIR-related interests, I now work at the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science in curriculum design, and have just started my first year in the Masters in Public Health program at Stony Brook University. I also serve as the graduate student advisor for SBYIR.


Class of 2016

Anirudh Chandrashekar
Associate Editor: 2014-2015
Managing Editor: 2015-2016
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: Jericho, NY
My name is Anirudh Chandrashekar and I graduated with a B.E in Biomedical Engineering. I am currently a 2nd year medical student at Stony Brook University’s School of Medicine as a part of the Scholars for Medicine Program. As a member of SBYIR, I strived to connect the student population with many of the scientific advances being performed at our home institution and have hopefully made science more approachable. In my free time, I enjoy reading books, going to the gym and spending time with friends.


Ashwin Kelkar
Associate Editor: 2013-2014
Managing Editor: 2014-2015
Editor-In-Chief: 2015-2016
Major: Chemistry and Music
Hometown: Syosset, NY
My name is Ashwin Kelkar and I am currently a 2nd year medical student at Case Western’s School of Medicine. Though I had experience working in labs and conducting experiments, I believe that SBYIR was my gateway into the publishing world of research. Through it, I learned how research is translated from data and jargon to a comprehensible analysis, and how to effectively communicate that to an audience that might not have the same background. It also taught me the value of strong leadership, organization, and teamwork, attributes I continue to hold close to my heart. But most of all, SBYIR gave me a family.


Preston Kung
Layout Editor: 2014-2015
Chief of Media: 2015-2016
Major: Applied Mathematics and Statistics
My name is Preston Kung and I am currently am a medical student at the Stony Brook School of Medicine. I graduated from Stony Brook University with a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and Statistics as well as with an M.B.A in Finance. While I was an undergraduate student, I helped revitalize the SBYIR club as a layout editor and eventually went on to be the Chief of Media. What initially drew me to SBYIR was the chance to get Stony Brook students interested and engaged in all the cutting-edge science that was occurring both in news and on campus. As with anything in life, presentation is crucial, and so I primarily focused on optimizing the presentation of SBYIR’s journal and website. Hopefully we were able to excite students to scientific endeavors and delightfully surprise teachers and staff.


Class of 2015

Matthew Alsaloum
Associate Editor: 2013-2015
Major: Biology
Hometown: My name is Matthew Alsaloum and I graduated from in 2015 with a degree in biology! I am currently in the MD/PhD program at the Yale School of Medicine, where I have completed the first two years of medical school and am now pursuing my PhD in neuroscience. I joined SBYIR (back when it was just YIR!) primarily to help shine a light on some of the great undergraduate research happening at our university, such as with iGEM. When I’m not in the lab, I enjoy all things basketball-related and watching too much Netflix.


Sherry Bermeo
Associate Editor: 2013-2014
Managing Editor: 2014-2015
Major: Biochemistry
What drew me to SBYIR: There is a lot of interesting research happening at Stony Brook and in labs all around the world so I knew that by joining SBYIR I would get to learn more about different disciplines in science. As a biochemistry major and undergraduate researcher, I also realized how difficult it was for scientists to communicate their ideas effectively to the public. Serving as an editor, I was excited to be able to work with students to improve their writing and connect with people who were also committed to improving science communication. It turns out that I ended up meeting some of my best college friends here. I’m currently a PhD student working in the Baker Lab at the University of Washington. I am designing proteins from scratch (de novo) that can self-assemble specifically for applications in logic-based cell signaling and drug delivery.