How Childhood Trauma May Be Surmounted

by Julia Newman ’19

Childhood Trauma
Support systems in a community prove important to overcoming childhood trauma.

Past studies display that children exposed to traumatic experiences, such as death of a family member, are prone to developing not only mental issues, but also issues concerning their physical health. However, more recent research proves that these traumas, also known as adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and their effects can be overcome if the children are living in a healthy environment.

This study, conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics, found that certain factors greatly influenced a child’s ability to not only endure hardship, but prevent mental and physical health problems as well. The most important factors included college-educated parents, parents in good mental health, access to medical care, libraries, and parks in their neighborhoods, and a foundation of people they can trust in their community. These findings are extremely significant in ensuring the future health of children who grow up in the presence of ACEs.



American Academy of Pediatrics, Factors that help children survive in the face of adversity. Science Daily (2016).


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