Color Adaptation in the Brown Shrimp Crangon crangon

Zhifei Zeng ’23 Many animals have the ability to rapidly change color as a means to adjust to different environments, thermoregulate, and even communicate with other members of their species. This color adaptation is a complex subject, often related to environmental factors, animal behavior, visual perception, and cellular physiology. Specifically, for crustaceans living in intertidal systems where biological and environmental factors vary on multiple spatial … Continue reading Color Adaptation in the Brown Shrimp Crangon crangon

Fake It Till It Hurts

Wendy Wu ’22 Studies have shown that individuals with autism spectrum disorder have a higher risk of developing mental health issues. Despite these difficulties, the causes of mental health problems in autistic people are poorly understood. Importantly, risks of mental health issues for autistic people are different from those of non-autistic populations. Laura Hull, a postdoctoral researcher at East London NHS Foundation Trust, sought to … Continue reading Fake It Till It Hurts