Fake It Till It Hurts

Wendy Wu ’22 Studies have shown that individuals with autism spectrum disorder have a higher risk of developing mental health issues. Despite these difficulties, the causes of mental health problems in autistic people are poorly understood. Importantly, risks of mental health issues for autistic people are different from those of non-autistic populations. Laura Hull, a postdoctoral researcher at East London NHS Foundation Trust, sought to … Continue reading Fake It Till It Hurts

The Link Between Autism and The GI Tract

By Mariam Malik ‘22 Autism is the most rapidly rising developmental disability across the globe and approximately 90% of people affected experience gut-related issues with no obvious connection. But researchers at RMIT University in Australia have found equal gene mutations in both the gut and the brain that could explain this phenomenon in those with autism.  It has been previously discovered that a specific gene … Continue reading The Link Between Autism and The GI Tract

Emotional Self-Awareness in Children with Autism

by Amanda Ng (’17) Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is one of the most common developmental disorders found in children, and while there has been progress in research since its first diagnosis, there is still much that remains to be discovered. Individuals with ASD have trouble communicating and interacting, and even the highest-functioning ASD patients can have trouble picking up social cues or others’ emotions. However, … Continue reading Emotional Self-Awareness in Children with Autism