What’s the Temperature Like Down There?

Wendy Wu ’22 Marine mammals are highly sensitive to temperature, often witnessed migrating to warmer/colder waters depending on their preferences. Research into the thermal habitats of marine mammals has so far been based on surface water temperatures. Stephanie Adamczak, a graduate student at the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at Stony Brook University, sought to investigate the impact of deeper water temperatures on habitat … Continue reading What’s the Temperature Like Down There?

Implications of Solar Geoengineering

Ashley Goland ’23 Solar geoengineering is a technology that aims to reflect incoming sunlight away from the Earth to reduce the rise of global temperatures, and one proposed approach is to send aerosols into the atmosphere. Although this method may seem like a quick, relatively cheap way to delay further climate change, the effects it could have upon marine and terrestrial organisms are not yet … Continue reading Implications of Solar Geoengineering

Countdown to 2050 to Save the Amazon.

Priyanshi Patel ‘22 The number of fires in the Amazon last year had renewed public concern for the future of the region’s forest biome. The concerns date back to the early 1970s when Brazil made the Transamazon Highway, after which the rate of deforestation increased. One of the principal questions Amazon scientists are asking is, how much deforestation and global climate change can the Amazon’s … Continue reading Countdown to 2050 to Save the Amazon.

Figure 1. Increased freshwater runoff, accumulation of the sediment flux, and prolonged open-water periods correlate with increasing delta sizes and show the effects of climate change.

The Effects of Climate Change on Greenland’s Coastal Zone

By Maryna Mullerman ’20 Climate change is leaving observable effects on our planet. Mette Bendixen, along with other researchers from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, explored the impact of climate change on the Arctic coastal zone in Greenland. The researcher hypothesized that the evolution of deltas is driven by both terrestrial and marine factors. They assessed the progradation – increase in sizes – of … Continue reading The Effects of Climate Change on Greenland’s Coastal Zone