Fall 2021 Journal is Published!

Link to Journal: https://issuu.com/younginvestigatorsreview/docs/sbyir_fall_2021_journal_final_for_issuu_2 Every semester, SBYIR publishes a science journal highlighting research and topics in STEM. This journal is a culmination of effort from our writers and three branches– editorial, layout, and cabinet. This year’s journal theme is the¬†Science of Wellbeing.¬† Wellbeing is defined as the state of being healthy, happy, and comfortable. When we consider our own wellbeing, we consider what is in … Continue reading Fall 2021 Journal is Published!

October Feature: Neuroscience Axis

This past week, one of our Cabinet Members, Benjamin Kerner, sat down with the President and Vice President of Neuroscience Axis, Joseph Arena and Katherine Maiorisi, in order to shine light on their endeavors and mission at Stony Brook. Neuroscience Axis works to facilitate the interactions between undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty in the field of Neuroscience. B: What is your role in the … Continue reading October Feature: Neuroscience Axis