Suppressing Our Sweet Tooth

By Richard Liang ’18 Sugar is something most people cannot live without. Although it can bring happiness to individuals that indulge in its sweetness, it can present a serious problem for diabetics and those suffering from obesity. A study recently published in Cell Metabolism by a research group at the University of Iowa has discovered a hormone that can suppress sugar cravings in mice. Hepatokine … Continue reading Suppressing Our Sweet Tooth

A Potential New Cure for Alzheimer’s

By Richard Liang ’18 Alzheimer’s disease is a chronic neurodegenerative illness that reveals itself primarily in elderly patients. The loss of synapses in the brain leads to memory loss and, more severely, the shutdown of bodily functions. The causes of Alzheimer’s are very poorly understood making early detection particularly difficult. With a lack of early detection, Alzheimer’s is usually discovered too late to be controlled. … Continue reading A Potential New Cure for Alzheimer’s

A Single-Pill HIV Treatment

By Richard Liang ’18 After extensive use of their multi-drug regimens, many HIV patients begin suffering from kidney impairment and decreased bone density. These pathologies have been recently associated with the chemical tenofovir in the medication regimens. As a response to this, the FDA approved Genvoya, a pill that minimizes tenofovir’s negative side effects. This novel pill combines dosages of active ingredients from standard medications, … Continue reading A Single-Pill HIV Treatment

The Secret Behind the Rampant Spread of Malaria

By Richard Liang ’18 Unlike in model organisms such as yeast and human beings, the microbiological means of cell reproduction in Plasmodium, the causative agent of malaria, has remained relatively unknown until very recently. Understanding this proliferation has provided researchers with unique and vital insight on the progression of the malaria, a fast-reproducing, medication-resistant, deadly disease. Researchers at the University of Nottingham have identified that … Continue reading The Secret Behind the Rampant Spread of Malaria