A Single-Pill HIV Treatment

By Richard Liang ’18

HIV Pill

After extensive use of their multi-drug regimens, many HIV patients begin suffering from kidney impairment and decreased bone density. These pathologies have been recently associated with the chemical tenofovir in the medication regimens. As a response to this, the FDA approved Genvoya, a pill that minimizes tenofovir’s negative side effects.

This novel pill combines dosages of active ingredients from standard medications, such as elvitegrravir, cobicistat, emtricitabine, and an alternate form of tenofovir, into a single pill. Researchers from the University of North Carolina tested the medication in 21 countries on over 3000 participants ranging in age and severity of observed side effects from previous medication regimens (None to severe renal and/or immune impairment).

The research indicated that Genvoya, while effectively depressing the overactive immune system, significantly decreased kidney toxicity and the observed rate of bone density decrease compared to standard HIV medications and treatment regiments. Although it is not a cure, Genvoya can help HIV patients suffer less from medication-induced side effects.



  1. Feller, FDA approves single-pill HIV treatment. UPI (2015)



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