Figure 1. Artificially sweetened drinks are connected to a greater risk for stroke and dementia.

Sugary Drinks vs. Healthy Brains

By Taylor Ha ’18 Many American consumers regularly indulge in hundreds of sugar- and artificially- sweetened name brand drinks: Coke, Sprite, Fanta soda, and Hawaiian punch, to name a few. However, routine consumption of such drinks is associated with cardiometabolic diseases, which can amplify stroke and dementia risk. And according to new research published on April 20, 2017, avid soda, fruit juice, and overall sweet … Continue reading Sugary Drinks vs. Healthy Brains

Figure 1. The naked mole-rat’s ability to temporarily survive without oxygen can help create new treatments for stroke and heart attack patients.

From Naked Mole-Rats to Human Treatment

By Taylor Ha ’18 Naked mole-rats are pink, wrinkly, and big-toothed. Deep underground in hypoxic, or low oxygen, and high carbon dioxide conditions, these strange creatures live in colonies of up to 280 members. And, according to a recent study published on April 21, 2017, they also have the ability to metabolize fructose, just like plants, and survive without oxygen for 18 minutes without any … Continue reading From Naked Mole-Rats to Human Treatment