Your Robot Coworker Won’t Be Stealing Your Job After All

By Cerise Carey


Is artificial intelligence as big of a threat to your job as it may seem? Researchers with the McKinsey Global Institute suggest not. Their research indicates that less than five percent of jobs and forty-five percent of general work activities could be automated. Jobs that could benefit from some activities becoming automated include physicians, financial managers, and senior executives. However, there are still plenty of jobs that are less susceptible to automation, including landscaping and home health care. Automation presents the opportunity to enrich the work environment by allowing people to focus more on creative tasks, which is currently lacking in the workplace. One report stated that only four percent of work activities in the U.S. require creativity at a median performance level. Rather than thinking about automation taking over the workforce, it should be viewed as a way of redefining current jobs, primarily at the task level.

  1. Lohr, Automation will change jobs more than kill them. New York Times. (2015).

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