Silent Voices of the Hungry

Gwenyth Mercep ’22 About one in five US households with children experience food insecurity [1]. Food-insecure families may employ protective strategies to deflect collective hardships on children and national data suggests that in general, adults believe they are very successful in doing so [1]. Only 1% of these parents reported their children to experience a reduction in nutritional quality or quantity [1]. Contrarily, data shows … Continue reading Silent Voices of the Hungry

The affect of hunger on brain health

By Mariam Malik ‘22 It is not uncommon to hear to blame a moment of overreaction on being hungry. However, the connection between the two has not been greatly explored until recently. At the University of Guelph in Canada, PhD student Thomas Homran led an experiment on mice to see what it is that makes us “hangry”. In one small room, a group of rats … Continue reading The affect of hunger on brain health