YouTube’s influence during an Infodemic

Gwenyth Mercep ’22 Media platforms have equipped us with better ways to capture and disseminate news and have revolutionized our relationship with novel information. By accepting the ubiquitous and decentralized nature of the internet, we have given up many regulatory components with the heuristic information we consume on it. We are no stranger to the phenomena of information going “viral”. More often than not these … Continue reading YouTube’s influence during an Infodemic

Get Your Head Out of the Game

Gwenyth Mercep ’22 Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a brain disease associated with exposure to repetitive head impacts, such as those from tackle American football [1]. CTE can cause numerous and debilitating early-life symptoms like behavioral and mood disturbances, most notable, impulse control and depression [1]. Episodic memory loss and dementia, forms of cognitive dysfunction, are reported by patients with CTE later in life [1]. … Continue reading Get Your Head Out of the Game