Genetics and the Brain

Ayesha Azeem ‘23 Our society currently witnesses an underrepresentation of females in most ‘heavy’ science and mathematics fields, including technology and engineering. Though some may argue that the unfair proportions are due to biological differences, little evidence supports this claim. Scientists study biological differences in the brain, and the brains of males and females are more similar than not. Though behavioral studies often find no … Continue reading Genetics and the Brain

Fish and Legumes Could Delay Menopause

By Marcia-Ruth Ndege ‘21 Research suggests that menopause is predetermined by an individual’s genes, environmental factors, behavior, and diet. Yashvee Dunneram, an expert in nutrition and dietetics at the University of Leeds’ School of Food Science and Nutrition, led a study researching the effect of food on menopause. To perform this study, researchers gathered a sample of 35,000 women between the ages of 35 and … Continue reading Fish and Legumes Could Delay Menopause

Lung Function Decline Found in Women Who Use Cleaning Products

By Meenu Johnkutty ‘21 The consistent use of cleaning products may be more dangerous than originally thought. Researchers from the American Thoracic Society recently published a study in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine outlining the negative effects of using cleaning products on a daily basis. The researchers conducted their study with a subject pool of over 6,235 participants followed longitudinally over … Continue reading Lung Function Decline Found in Women Who Use Cleaning Products