Martial Arts and Love

Ayesha Azeem ‘23 Oxytocin (OT), familiarly known as the “love drug,” is a hormone that promotes feelings of social bonding, sexual reproduction and cooperation. Because of its apparent positive effects, researchers are currently investigating how to increase levels of oxytocin internally and without artificial interference. In a recent study conducted by the Bar-Ilan University Department of Psychology in Israel, Yuri Rassovsky and team considered the … Continue reading Martial Arts and Love

Exercise and Longevity in Women

By Mariam Malik ‘22 Daily exercise has been proven to significantly reduce stress and increase happiness and longevity. It has been assumed that 10,000 steps per day were needed to feel these boosts in dopamine and energy, but a recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine provides experimental evidence that the recommended number of steps to feel the positive effects of walking is actually fewer … Continue reading Exercise and Longevity in Women